NEW MUSIC: Bronston – Temples & Mines

Scottish alternative rock trio Bronston unveil bold new single “Temples & Mines” on the struggle of mental health.

It’s Bronston’s first release of 2020, and they’re taking no prisoners. Back on their grind of catchy guitar riffs and vocal hooks, this band are looking better placed than ever to start making some serious waves in the alternative rock scene. “Temples & Mines” came about from the band’s lucrative collaboration with producer Luke Bovill, and discusses the themes of maintaining mental health whilst spinning multiple proverbial plates, and focusing on the things that motivate you to get through the hard times.

If you’re looking for serotonin, you’ll find it in the skipping rhythms of the verses, designed to act as the catalyst to an oncoming downward-spiral. Switching between the clean and grungy effects throughout, “Temples & Mines” displays the dichotomy between places of leisure, peace and worship and places of work that frontman Adam Campbell had begun to define in the writing process, and how these places affect the human psyche in differing ways. This single is an unfiltered view into Campbell’s mind, compartmentalised and pragmatic, yet unabashedly prone to changes in state (as most of us are).

“Temples & Mines” provides comfort to those coping with change, and sheds light on both sides of the story; the hopefulness and the battle with one’s own darkest moments. Bronston reiterate that although we may lose some battles, we can still win the war with strength and perseverance.

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