NEW MUSIC: Mystic Waxx – Tears Left To Cry

Electronic indie duo Mystic Waxx release eerie single “Tears Left To Cry”, from their new EP Kayla.

Mystic Waxx is the collaboration between classically trained British-Albanian producer Admir Hyka and vocalist Andrea Skalec, who came together to form their unique sound after both enduring recent life-changing events. As a wise Marilyn Manson once said, ‘music is the strongest form of magic’, and this duo’s union casts a spell upon the heads of all who listen, with sombre, clanging bells, found sounds and Skalec’s haunting vocal.

Their latest EP, Kayla, is centred around the theme of neglected love, fuelled by the aftermath of the struggle to stay positive and move along with life. “Tears Left To Cry” follows this narrative, with abstract lyrics and intermittent gasping samples suggesting there may be more to this message than meets the eye. A classical influence of world music can be heard in the instrumentation that won’t usually find its way into electronic indie-pop, but Mystic Waxx make it work in a way that many other artists couldn’t. Inspiration from their upbringings is clearly expressed throughout, and authenticity shines through the production, with co-producer Hugo Maya explaining: “I tapped into a new territory of creativity, the deliberate abstraction of using specific chords and broken rhythms came out surprisingly natural and easy, which is not a complete surprise knowing Mystic Waxx’s influences include the likes of Pink Floyd, Portishead, The Knife and Bonobo.” 

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