NEW MUSIC: Max Runham – You Get What You Get

Multi-instrumentalist Max Runham releases single “You Get What You Get” from latest EP Lockdown.

You might be able to guess where Max Runham found the inspiration behind his new Lockdown EP – an opportunity presented itself for him to focus on creating new music, and he wasn’t about to let that pass him by. “You Get What You Get”, taken from this EP, is a catchy and soulful guitar-led musing on being grateful for what you’ve got. Max has certainly made the most of the conditions brought upon us by the pandemic, and he explains that “making music in isolation brings its own challenges and pitfalls, but also it gives a huge amount of time and control to the work”.

Upon first listen to “You Get What You Get”, I was struck by the witty lyricism and pleasingly understated delivery of Max Runham’s vocals, so understated in fact, that it feels almost voyeuristic to be listening in – like I am eavesdropping on somebody else’s gossip, or like I am a cheeky student sneaking around the back of the secondary school gym to swap petty change for a cigarette from a shady looking kid. This song tip-toes through corridors and drinks expensive whisky at local bars, with verses sharing secrets and choruses starting brawls. The instrumentation of clicky percussion and funky guitars build around the vocal, sonically satisfying and likely to leave you wanting more.

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