NEW MUSIC: Luke Jones – Follow Suit

Anglesey drummer turned singer-songwriter Luke Jones releases debut single “Follow Suit”.

Luke Jones, a 21-year-old indie-pop singer-songwriter from North West Wales feels most at home with a guitar in his hands, despite originally beginning his journey in music as a drummer. It’s not about the fame or fortune for our Luke – you won’t see him pandering to the paps or pulling publicity stunts. It’s all about the music for this chap, and nothing would make him happier than for somebody to find comfort in his songs.

“Follow Suit” is, in many ways, a tribute to Luke’s childhood friend who fell in with the wrong crowd after losing his father, subsequently turning to drink and drugs as a means to cope. Luke writes from the viewpoint of watching this chaos unfold in a small town, and hints at a sense of guilt for feeling like he didn’t do enough to help his friend. Despite the sorrow this song describes, he hopes for “Follow Suit” to provide a light at the end of the tunnel, with heart-on-sleeve lyrics at the forefront of his good intention.

Stylistically, one might place this track in the same playlist as Sam Fender or Mystery Jets, with Luke taking on the role of the wise, attentive observer; narrating the story as it happens, uncensored and raw. Lyrics such as “I might stand and watch him die, and be sad online when he takes his life” are as shocking as they are truthful, and he injects a sense of innocence and charm into each vitriolic jab he takes at how society fails those who need the most guidance.

Luke Jones’ music may be bubbling under in the blogosphere for the time being, but it won’t be long before he breaks the surface tension and shoots up towards the sky. You can’t keep a good songwriter down. Just watch…

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