NEW MUSIC: The Thing With Feathers – What You Want

Nashville’s alt-rock quartet The Thing With Feathers release a heartbreaker of a single “What You Want”.

Expert songwriting and immaculate production set The Thing With Feathers apart from their fellow alternative rock bands of 2020. The band (who are named after an Emily Dickinson credo, for those wondering) formed in 2017 and have since been impressing listeners internationally with singalong melodies and crowd-pleasing guitar solos, and “What You Want” follows suit.

The track starts tentatively with a clean guitar and vocal taking centre stage, and builds with a driving drum beat and further guitars, this time melting with dreamy effects into a second verse and chorus. The Thing With Feathers’ influence from Coldplay and The 1975 is best heard in the anthemic instrumentals of this track, where the drums swap their polite timekeeping for a good ol’ thrash and the guitars sing like angels, the result sounding somewhere between the end of the world and the most beautiful, tranquil place on Earth – in the best way possible.

Frontman David Welcsh’s voice cuts through the wonderful wall of sound with a tone unlike that of most alt-rock bands’ vocalists. His is a far sweeter and smoother tone, able to convey the best of “What You Want”s sensitive hooks and outcries alike. Here is a band of expert musicians who have hope to lead the direction of alternative rock in their favour, and all those who listen will follow faithfully.

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  1. The voice is lilting and plaintive and playful. Lead guitar masterful, drums perfectly supply the beat while rhythm guitar fills any voids. They’re going upward on a zoom trajectory!

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