NEW MUSIC: Voodoo Bandits – Yesterday’s Jam

Isle of Man Indie quartet Voodoo Bandits release feel-good Summer single “Yesterday’s Jam”.

Voodoo Bandits have unleashed a whole load of pastel-tinted chaotic good into the world with their new single “Yesterday’s Jam”. We should have seen this coming – backed by all the best indie blogs and BBC Introducing DJs, this band have been causing quite a stir in recent months. Their signature style of high-energy indie-pop packs a very welcome punch to snap us out of our daily funks.

Comprised of Ben Donaldson, Charlotte Wilby, and twins Corey and Nathan Vaughan, Voodoo Bandits formed at a post-exam party, at which they insist no alcoholic beverages were consumed (I believe you, thousands wouldn’t…). After a few years spent jamming in a basement, the group decided it was time to subject the world to a perfect storm of thrashy drums, massive guitars and their pop-song sensibility. This recipe for brilliance is best exemplified in “Yesterday’s Jam”, with hooky melodies and lyrics that lean towards the avant-garde – best of all, I get the feeling that Voodoo Bandits’ songwriting approach consists of throwing everything at a wall and having it land exactly where it should be. That’s the chaotic good I’m talking about.

It’s clear that Voodoo Bandits possess a spooky ability to turn everything they touch to gold. They make it look very easy indeed, and continue to take their talents around the country later on in the year with some post-Covid gigs. Be sure to follow them on social media to keep up with the dates!

Find Voodoo Bandits on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

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