NEW MUSIC: Ali Horn – The Waves

Liverpudlian Surf Rock solo Ali Horn releases “The Waves” and takes us on the beach trip of our dreams.

An eclectic set of influences have led Ali Horn to set sail from the grey landscape of Liverpool, riding a daydream to the beaches of SoCal, where everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. Ali paints a picture of a world a far cry from our angst-riddled own, singing of ripped blue jeans and smiles as wide as a coastline itself, where the only thing that matters is being ‘in and out of a wetsuit, sat next to the girl of your dreams’.

There’s something to be said for a really well-written song about the simple pleasures in life. Over the last few weeks, music journalists have been receiving track after track of doleful demos written on the woes of self-isolation (and I am currently one sad sack away from throwing myself a pity party), but “The Waves” provides a welcome escape, pointing instead at all we have to look forward to in the sunny future. Happy songs are an art that Ali Horn has mastered: just the right amount of retro; just a touch of cheese: a whole heap of fun.

A hectic soundscape of 60s keys and swelling guitars add an edge of mania to “The Waves”, setting it apart from your usual laid-back Surf Rock tune you may know and love. Ali Horn is supported by radio DJs nationally, to no surprise at all, with a recent lockdown session with Janice Long for BBC Wales going down a treat. Be sure to jump on this bandwagon while there’s space!

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