NEW MUSIC: Ashton Orion – Uneasy

As a debut single from a brand new artist, ‘Uneasy‘ instantly sets off on the front foot; the opening bars lands us promptly into a rhythmic base of silky smooth production consisting of filtered percussion and warm, luscious synths. Continuing in this vein, the minimalistic synth-pop inspired verses progress into a euphoric chorus, accompanied by a wry piece of lyrical introspection that hones in on the uncomfortable nature of self-doubt. As anxiety appears in day to day living far more often than most would like, it’s difficult not to relate to Ashton Orion‘s words of self-reflection, however, uneasy is certainly the last thing you’ll feel whilst listening to this tune. The prominent production and relatable lyrical themes that feature throughout only act as the foundation for this 3:45 easy-listening anthem; and indeed it’s Ashton’s effortlessly delivered vocal performance that assists in making this debut such a breeze to listen to.

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Primarily writing and recording demos in her home studio, there is certainly a lot more lined up for the Australian artist, and she plans to release many more tunes over the course of the year. If what she has lined up as strong as her debut you’ll doubtlessly be hearing from her again soon.

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