Based in Camden Town, London, Iridesce are an Alt Rock four piece who formed in 2018. Their name comes from the word iridescence; an exhibition of colours like those of a rainbow.

It’s an apt title for a band with a bright future ahead, having already in their brief history received support from Steve Lamacq via his BBC 6 Music Spotify playlist and artist of the week on Alex Baker’s Kerrang radio show.

Iridesce’s music is described by the band as combining the “heart and soul of 90s songwriting” and combining it with “lush atmospherics, creating an atmospheric sound”. It’s a fine summation, their most recent singles “Brand New Day” and “Rise (Curtain Call)” being prefect examples.

Both tracks see lead singer Marco’s powerful vocals take centre stage, boasting melodic hints of Coldplay and U2 and behind this, a bedrock of swirling guitars dripping in reverb and chorus carry the instrumental heavy lifting.

In the midst of everything going on in the world at the minute, it’s uplifting music that can help make you feel like everything is going to be alright in the end.

Photography credit – Inés Hidalgo

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