Crush Club chat music and their podcast

Crush Club is a new music podcast featuring three amigos and music moguls Nathan, Darren and Rob, the podcast is predominantly focussed on independent music, they also do interviews with a variety of guests and chat music.

We spoke with the men behind the mics to chat about the artists that are keeping them sane during lockdown, the music venues they’re hoping to revisit and why you need to listen to their pod, available on Spotify here as well as on all good podcast providers.

How did you guys all meet?

Nathan: We’ve been pals since we were about 13, growing up in the cultural mega-hub/fishing village of Bude, Cornwall. After university we ended up all moving to London, eventually moving in together in the East London paradise of Leytonstone and getting knee deep in London’s new music scene.

Darren: We were the cool kids at our school, the kind of kids other kids would look at and say: “Fuck, I bet those guys really likes Hot Fuss!” And you know what? They were right. We did like Hot Fuss. We’ve stayed super best friends ever since.

Which artists are you listening to a lot right now?

D: In reality I cannot and will not stop listening exclusively to Mclusky and Future of The Left, butdoing the Crush Club has opened up my eyes to the fact there is a glut of amazing new music out there making amazing new shit. Big favourites at the moment are Coach Party (interview on the new show!), Canshaker Pi and pretty much any band that Speedy Wunderground have released anything for in the past couple of years.

N: I’m obsessed with The Chats, which is making this quarantine shit-show even worse because I’d love nothing more than to see them live and get incredibly drunk and sweaty. Roxy Girls are also super exciting, as are Home Counties and The Cool Greenhouse.

Rob: I just won’t shut up about Sports Team, along with most of the UK.

You’re putting out a lot of episodes right now, is that lockdown related?

N: For sure, it’s a combination of having way too much time on our hands, and the fact that by doing the podcast we get to discover a shit tonne of new music.

D: We realised that the world needs a shambolically amateur, genre-specific new music podcast more than ever in order to raise the spirits of the nation. We are just happy to do our bit frankly. That and we were all bored out of our respective minds.

When was the last gig you went to?

N: That feels like a long time ago now. I think it was Podcasts (Ellis from Trust Fund’s new band) at the DIY Space. I was hoping that they might play some Trust Fund songs but they didn’t. Poor me.

D: I remember seeing Drahla at the Shacklewell arms what feels like recently but almost certainly wasn’t. Possibly the last band we all saw together was The Rhythm Method who we are semi-obsessed with. Joey (the singer) kicked a Lucozade bottle off the stage at me and everyone laughed. I didn’t laugh though.

What music venues are you hoping to going back to when live music resumes?

D: All of them, ideally in one booze soaked recklessly hedonistic night. Old Blue Last is always a top night. Lock Tavern, Paperdress Vintage, The Victoria, Shacklewell Arms. I’m going to go with my first answer and say all of them.

N: I keep walking past the Lexington in Angel and peering through the windows to remember what it was like to have fun with my friends. I also second the Shacklewell Arms. It’s a special place.

R: I imagine it’s going to be open air stuff first, but can’t wait to be in a hot, stuffy room. I vote theSebright arms.

Why should people listen to Crush Club?

D: If you skip through our juvenile giggling (highly recommended), we have a ton of amazing new bands which you can hear every week, and now a shed load of awesome interviews with people from all different roles within the independent music scene. And it’s free. And Rob’s on it and he has a nice voice.

R: That’s kind. We’re a shambles, the world is a shambles, and so in some weird sense it’s reassuring to know that three fools can still find some damn good music to make us all forget about that.

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