Beneath The Surface: NEY LIQA

Hey all you cool cats and kittens – (I know this has been over used, but I haven’t used it yet, so please let me have this one). Hope you are all keeping well, clinging to your sanity and are well into the most rigorous of self care routines (keep it clean). Coming in for you HOT is a brand new Beneath The Surface edition with the quirky, cool, mega-babe that is NEY LIQA. Enjoy!


Hey NEY, thanks for taking some time to share some words with us. First Q, what would you say first sparked your interest in music/who inspired you to make music?

My mom was, actually is still in a punk band (mögel-check them out) and my big brother was super into rnb and hiphop and was the only one who had cd’s when we were kids. Then my dad had loads of instruments to play with so there was a lot of different things that sparked the interest.

Sounds like a fab home to have grown up in! How would you describe the music you are currently creating?

I’d settle for… Eccentric pop. Or a kinder egg, you know you’re getting a gift when you open it but you don’t know what kind of gift.

I love kinder surprises and your music… coincidence? What would you say your creative process looks like?

Sit in front of computer-make beat-fail-make another beat-fail-make another beat-fail-accidentally looping a section-singing on top-success…?

As someone who also makes music, hi, hello, I know this feeling too well.

Who would you most like to collaborate with? (let’s send it out to the universe and make it happen!)

Little Dragon, Robyn, Smerz and Tirzah.

Nice. Alakazam, consider it done. What is the one message you would like to send out to your fans?

hi mom

A solid, yet understated message. What’s your top tip to rejuvenate your creativity/get over a writer’s block?

There’s no such thing as writers block. Just keep at it. (I hate this tip, but it IS true)

Not a huge fan of the tip either haha, but agreed, sometimes you have to just get out of your head, and DO.

What’s next for you, what do we have to look forward to/ what are you currently working on?

Making a longer project and putting it out before the end of the year is the goal! I also have a song with Chi Virgo coming out soon, I hope to work more with her ❤

Sweet! Can’t wait to hear it! Thanks NEY it’s been a pleasure catching up with you!

You can check out NEY LIQA’s brand new single ‘LIE’, ft whattodo here.

Keep up with her below:


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