NEW MUSIC: Harry Strange – Turn Away

Harry Strange follows up his last single ‘Four In The Morning’ with the extraordinary ‘Turn Away’

Serving as Strange’s 2nd release of the year, ‘Turn Away’ sees Strange continue to stun with his incredible talent. While ‘Four In The Morning’ delved into the emotional complexities of a one night stand, ‘Turn Away’ sees Strange reflect on a much more meaningful relationship. Throughout the track, Strange interweaves uncertainty and manages to paint an intricate portrait of wanting someone even when you know you’re not good for each other.

Harry Strange has a rare ability to make difficult emotions feel accessible, without ever diluting the emotional gravity of the situation he’s grappling with. Production on ‘Turn Away’ comes courtesy of SHOR, who manages to captivate with a carefully crafted atmospheric aura. The production employed on the track sees Strange shift his sound sonically slightly but that change perfectly compliments the ominous tone of the lyricism.

Speaking of the ‘Turn Away’, Harry Strange explains, “Turn Away is about asking someone to leave even though you want them to stay. That dilemma of knowing something isn’t right but continuing down that path even though you know it’s going to end up hurting you more. So, Turn Away is that ripping off the bandaid, if
you can’t stay I’d rather you just leave now.”

With his latest release, Harry Strange once again evidences his incredible ability to seemingly effortlessly craft personal pop tunes that are almost heartachingly relatable. Having recently gained praise from the likes of Earmilk and Euphoria, it’s clear that this 22-year-old singer-songwriter has an incredibly bright future ahead of him.

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