NEW MUSIC: Tom Baird – Lonely Hour

Indie-folk songwriter Tom Baird releases “Lonely Hour”, a contemplative piece for those who’ve flown the nest.

Tom Baird really has a sound of his own, and “Lonely Hour” embodies it wholly. The influence of Joni Mitchell complements his descriptive writing style in this thoughtful single, and its b-side “New Year”.

Impressively, Tom has been gigging for almost half of his young life, and live performance is at the very heart of his project. Traditional through and through, he takes us back to simpler times through the art of songwriting. “Lonely Hour” is about as heart-on-sleeve as it gets, discussing in detail the motions we move through when we leave a place we know very well, with sensitivity and and authenticity at its core. Tom’s most recent work is centred around a clear and smooth vocal, electric guitar and perhaps a bit of drum machine or synth thrown in for good measure, making for an easy listen like a warm, comforting hug.

These lovely sounds are the result of years of practise – honing an innate talent to its full potential. This South-East England singer-songwriter is certainly one who stands out from a very dense crowd of his indie folk peers, like the brightest shining star in the sky. As soon as lockdown is lifted, you will be sure to find Tom taking on as many gigs as possible, as this is surely the element of normality he’s missed the most, and in the meantime you will find him on social media.

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