NEW MUSIC: Cheating Lights – Howl

Hereford alt-rockers Cheating Lights release single “Howl”, an anthem for the broken-hearted.

The tension is palpable in Cheating Lights’ new single. The Hereford four-piece (Mike Sheppard, Dom Edwards, Dave Jeanne, Charlie ‘Chaz’ Cruickshank) have found their niche from influences such as Lonely the Brave, Biffy Clyro and Marmozets, creating a wonderfully heavy sound of their own. “Howl” is an example of the close relationship these guys share after having played gigs all over the country, with honesty and authenticity underpinning their work.

Cheating Lights describe their new release as a grieving process for a lost relationship – whether familial or romantic, to lose a friend is tough indeed, but the band channel it into song with heavy guitars, huge crashing drums and a hook that’ll stay in your head all day. “I don’t know why we can’t be friends, I’ll howl at the moon instead” is the line delivered with all the power Sheppard can muster, his pleasingly gravelly tone (one you might expect from Simon Neil himself) tearing through the wall of sound.

The band note that they tried to encapsulate the whole process of loss throughout the song and in their lyrics – a mission they’ve accomplished tenfold. Relatable and gritty, “Howl” is bound to speak to its listeners on a very personal level.

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