NEW MUSIC: Mari Dangerfield – Arrow

Other worldly feels an apt way to describe Mari Dangerfield‘s latest single ‘Arrow‘. Filled with quirky production, unexpected vocal melodies and a vast palette of unusual of effects and noises; it would be easy for her voice to get lost in the midst of it all, but this is far from the case. Reminiscent of Kate Bush in gravitas and originality, the sound of Mari Dangerfield‘s vocal instantly feels unique and recognisable, which when aided by the extraordinary production style creates a soundscape that feels extremely fresh.


Despite the vibrancy of the recording, however, it’s easy to forget that it still ticks the boxes of a brilliant pop song. With opening synth chords supporting the artist’s introspective lyrics about admiring a secret crush; and finding the courage to speak to them. Pausing only for an intriguingly unorthodox pre-chorus; the song progresses through to a euphoric chorus section that feels as expansive as it does memorable. With her influences ranging from Metronomy, Dodie and Maggie Rogers, the London based alternative/pop artist is positioning herself as a rousing voice for off-centre, electronic pop music: and with her latest release ‘Arrow’ hitting the mark so precisely, we’re excited to see what she releases next.


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