NEW MUSIC: Darla Jade – Frenemy

I’m not sure when the combination of two words to form a single one began, but it’s definitely a strong part of 21st-century culture. In her latest single ‘Frenemy’ (a combination of ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’), 21-year old Darla Jane shows her insight into the social issues for Gen-Z. Hailing from Stoke, this young female has built a strong Scandi-pop sound similar to Norwegian songstress Sigrid. The one difference is that Darla Jane has a more melodic sound to her unique vocals.

Over two years in the making, ‘Frenemy’ is a heart-rendering exploration of relationships and the pain of growing apart. Darla describes the single as being “a symbol of what I have been through and where I want to go.” While the lyrics are discomforting, the vocals are entrancing and highly emotional.  It’s as if Darla Jade is screaming the thoughts in her soul, but maintains a toe-tapping boppy beat.  It’s an addictive track whichever way you look at it.



How does this compare to her previous tracks?

A relatively new artist, Darla Jane embraces different sounds and influences.  ‘Frenemy’, however, is a divergence from the smoother tone of ‘Overcrowded’ and ‘This Time’.  Recorded in Thailand at Karma Sound Studios, Darla delves into a more Scandi-pop style with increased electronic flavours.  Her calm exterior is given a punchy, well, punch but maintains the soulful vocals. The melodic tunes ‘Overcrowded’ and ‘This Time’ are still evident in ‘Frenemy’, but the former is more The Cardigans than a synth-based Billie Eilish.

You can listen to Darla Jane’s music on Spotify. She can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.



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