NEW MUSIC: McCall – Disaster

“So painfully un-self-aware , thinking I can solve my problems if I dye my hair.” 

If you can’t relate to that lyric right now, you must be having a wholly different quarantine experience to myself and a lot of other people I know. McCall‘s latest latest music video release to the recently released ‘Disaster‘ is a dark, moody piece of videography. Opening with a gorgeously coordinated shot, contrasting a vibrant and youthful yellow outfit and surrounding with bleak lighting; the effect works brilliantly, and it’s easy to see the inspiration of misplaced youth and the struggle every adolescent goes through when coming to terms with who they are. A lot to read from one scene you may say – but I think that the video beautifully reflects the intriguingly paranoid nature of the song.


Throughout, the paranoia progresses as your heartbeat rises; and increasingly dramatic camera cuts emphasise McCall‘s frantic movements, personifying the confused and uncertain themes in the song. With so much depth to it, it’s difficult to imagine that the song still feels accessible – but accessible it certainly is, and if you don’t have it stuck in your head after your first listen I’d be surprised.  Perhaps this is to be expected by now, however, as McCall‘s previous releases have featured collaborations with producers Grant and Just a Gent that have amassed over 5 million Spotify streams – with her latest already racking up high streaming numbers on Spotify considering it’s recent release, it’s not difficult to ‘Disaster’ reaching similar heights.

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