NEW MUSIC: The Shadowboxers – The Slow March of Time Flies By

The Shadowboxers take a moment to slow things down with laid-back indie-pop tune “The Slow March of Time Flies By”.

Thick with lush harmonies, The Shadowboxers provide us with a welcome three minutes and twenty-one seconds to mellow our racing thoughts. “The Slow March of Time Flies By” is the trio’s latest single released in their tenth year of performing together, exhibiting a new, no-frills approach to their music.

Scott Tyler, Matt Lipkins and Adam Hoffman are known for their tight three-part harmonies and impressive YouTube cover versions, their raw talent proving enough to impress Justin Timberlake himself. After signing to Timberlake’s artist development project and embarking on world tours, the Atlanta band find themselves at a pivotal point in their career, explaining that “there’s something really serendipitous about this timing…here we are, 10 years in, on the verge of releasing music that finally sounds like us and feeling more excited, confident, honest and closer than we’ve ever felt before.” 

Their brand new single is saturated with coming-of-age reflection and self-evaluation, with the chorus hook’s pensive rumination: “while you’re searching for a rhyme, the slow march of time flies by”. Subdued synthesiser pads and warbling background swells only inspire further thoughtfulness whilst listening, for the fourth time, to what is the band’s most personal and revealing track to date. Think Bon Iver, but make it pop. James Bay, but more electronic. The Shadowboxers, but not as you’ve ever heard them before.

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