NEW MUSIC: The Jamóns – Jennifer Lawrence of Arabia

“In a blackwater hummer, on the hottest day of summer”. I may be paraphrasing, but the opening lines of ‘Jennifer Lawrence of Arabia’ seem to sum up the perfect place to be whilst spinning this song on repeat. Personally, I imagine myself cruising down the sprawling endless road in the middle of a barren desert. Don’t yet the idyllic scenery mislead you, however, this latest single from The Jamóns is far from sparse. A cacophony of upbeat ska-influenced guitar tracks, coupled with a head-bopping live drum beat that dips in and out of half-time sections with unprecedented ease; ‘Jennifer Lawrence of Arabia‘ is a whirlwind two and half minutes.


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The song just as easily lands in that indie/rock playlist as it does your punk playlist – and it’s clear to see the stellar influences of quintessential artists such as The Kinks, Elvis Costello and The Jam. This latest release still feels incredibly fresh however, and don’t think for a second that having such classic influences tempers the band’s ability to create a sound that still feels exciting and new. Currently self-producing their music, nothing seems to be stopping the Los Angeles based band; as ‘Jennifer Lawrence of Arabia‘ is already their third release of the year. With more releases lined up, and indeed live shows planned once the global live music scene returns to normality: The Jamóns are certainly a band that should be fixed firmly on your radar.

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