NEW MUSIC: Brijs – Glitra

There are three certainties in life – death, taxes and Brijs returning from a hiatus with a certified banger.

Brijs (pronounced Bryce) is an alt-pop project fronted by Hugo Goggin, a recording artist, composer & producer whose music you’re very likely to have heard on TV and movies on countless occasions. Notably featuring on a Strongbow advert in 2016 with his track ‘Thunder’.

The versatile artist’s latest single ‘Glitra’ will get blood pumping through your veins, 3 minutes and 42 seconds of euphoria, and a wild celebration of friendship and life.

Speaking about his new single to Clash Music here – Glitra is “about the pursuit of yourself and your values in your mid-20s. All of the things you hear about coming of age are usually about your teens. That’s still true, but we stay younger for longer now. Your mid-20s is when you start thinking, feeling and living independently. That’s when you really start to grow into adulthood and look at friendship, relationships and ambitions differently.”

A self-titled debut album is on the way this year so make sure you stay in the loop and follow Brijs on social media below:


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