NEW MUSIC: Raymond Revel – Ourselves

Coming from Burbank, California, Raymond Revel is a self-taught musician you would think has professional training. He began recording tracks in 2013 and there has been no going back from there. His easy to enjoy music has an energy that keeps you listening and wanting more.

In March, he released the inspiring ‘Ourselves’. The single is a soft, stripped back and raw song that clearly highlights Revel’s voice. The synthetic yet earthy tones make you think of calm meadows and let the lyrics shine. The slow pace of the song lets the inspiring message of loving yourself first come through. This is a song that makes you stop, listen and think while swaying to Revel’s clear vocal tones.



While some of Raymond Revel’s other singles are similar to Foals and Blossoms, ‘Ourselves’ is something different. This stripped-back single provides a positive message while taking a look at human nature and how we view love.

‘Ourselves’ is a single that takes away the over-production commonly heard and lets the message in the lyrics shine through. The sometimes whimsical tones make it easier to connect with the vocals. This single is a clear display of the versatility of Revel’s musical ability.

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