NEW MUSIC: HÜS – Animosity

HÜS inject some fun into our new daily routines with brand new disco inspired single “Animosity”.

From the very first beat, your head is nodding furiously, your feet are tapping under your desk and your shoulders are going hell-for-leather. HÜS have given us something to smile about with their brand new single “Animosity”, a track with more hooks and grooves than you will know what to do with.

The song (which has now been on repeat for at least fifteen minutes) is described by HÜS as an anthem for the times. Written in the midst of a lockdown, “Animosity” tackles the themes of fear and hoarded toilet rolls, whilst the thudding drum samples were recorded using panic-bought packs of pasta from the safety of the band’s home – “no judgement here”, I will say, as I pull two hand washes and a bag of flour out the cupboard to test as as hi-hats of my own. Let him who is without sin cast the first anti-bac gel.

Of the many songs composed on the subject of global pandemic over recent weeks, “Animosity” is a shining beacon, an exemplary effort to both make light of a dark situation, yet it is careful not to mock the painful reality that many are experiencing. This time is absolutely one to “give it all up for love”, to make the best of the cards we’re dealt, and to do our best to bring a smile to the faces of everybody around us.

“Thriller” style synths and guitars that sound as though they were recorded in a room big enough to swing a cat in only add to the glittering flare-clad ode to disco, making for a truly wonderful opportunity to dance around your bedroom in your pyjamas and a pair of platforms. Be sure to keep up with HÜS on social media, you won’t want to miss their EP…

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