NEW MUSIC: Annabelle’s Curse – Bailout

Ominously-named Virginia indie-folk group Annabelle’s Curse release new single “Bailout“.

Although sounding like something straight out of a horror movie about spooky porcelain dolls, the band name Annabelle’s Curse is, in fact, inspired by a series of troublesome instruments that the six-piece have had to contend with over their years of gigging around the United States, and their new single “Bailout” is less intimidating occult-rock than it is a thought provoking indie-folk listen.

Descriptive of the ‘ever-growing partisan divide’ in the US (and globally, dare I say), “Bailout” is no background song. The lyrics demand to be heard, a wealth of knowledge and an eagerness to solve our societal issues at the very forefront of the piece. Annabelle’s Curse have a knack of making the hard-to-hear easier to listen to, with their well informed musical opinion pieces decorated with smooth synth chords and intermittent arpeggiating sounds that swirl between your ears like little butterflies.

The chorus boasts an uplifting message to all its listeners – we’ve time yet to bail out the rising water and get back to solid ground. It’s clear upon first listen that all six band members are well accustomed to creating music with one-another (having formed in 2010) – the many sounds of this song complement each other beautifully to create the unique sound of Annabelle’s Curse.

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