NEW MUSIC: Alex Bayly – Jamie

Alex Bayly’s “Jamie” ft. The Last Dinosaur is a stunningly moody ode to friendship, taken from his debut album Ley Lines.

There is no genre, no matter how niche, that can hold Alex Bayly captive. Alt-folk; guitar pop; singer-songwriter…yes, I suppose, but Alex has carved out his own sound from years of dedicated writing. From his first self-released EP to his bold debut album Ley Lines, he’s taken his well-earned and committed following on this journey with him, and we pause momentarily in wonderment of track nine – “Jamie“.

Described by Bayly as an ‘ode to friendship’, “Jamie” sees him encourage his nearest and dearest to pull away from him in order to succeed in their own pursuits. As a sole guitar and its rhythm section clamber up, then down again, a tone is set for the moody earnestness of what’s to come. Alex’s smooth vocal complements the reverb-drenched chords swelling behind it, the transition into the chorus feeling much like a warm and comforting hug.

Of frequent collaborator The Last Dinosaur, Jamie Cameron’s piano part plays faithfully alongside Alex, and an exquisite layering of vocals in the chorus is contributed by Rosie Jones of the Worry Dolls. To play us out is an epic guitar solo, adding yet another dimension to this masterfully written and beautifully produced piece of music.

If you listen to “Jamie”, you will listen to Ley Lines in its entirety. And if you listen to Ley Lines in its entirety, you will listen on repeat. There is no doubting the level of thought and passion that Alex has deftly and carefully woven into his debut album, but “Jamie” alone is truly spectacular.

You can find Alex Bayly on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Bandcamp, online and on Spotify.


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