NEW MUSIC: Innerkid – I Lied

Bedroom artist extraordinaire Innerkid releases his third single of 2020, “I Lied”, an indie-pop anthem bursting with energy.

Fresh from the DIY studio setup of Innerkid’s bedroom emerges alternative pop like you’ve never heard it before. “I Lied” is a punchy anthem for fans of Blink 182 and Friendly Fires alike – an unlikely combination of edgy pop-punk guitar and colossal sparkling synthesisers make this brand new single a must-listen.

A playful verse melody is followed by the main attraction; “I l-i-e-d, lied” tauntingly repeated amongst a thick bassline and arpeggiated sounds; Dawson Carroll’s signature vocal tone drifting through this calm before we’re launched directly into a storm of fantastical textures.

The last 3 years went by pretty fast for me. I moved to 3 different cities, I spent a lot of time traveling, and I learned a lot about myself,” Carroll explains. “It’s about me realizing that we have the freedom to choose how we live our lives. You can believe this, they can believe that, and I can quote The Big Lebowski in my lyrics.” Truer words ne’er spoken.

“I Lied” embodies the very message that Innerkid bestows upon it, possessing a structure with no regard to the confines of ‘radio indie-pop’ – a song that it ultimately free to go where it wants, and sounds great doing it. Honest and authentic through and through, this has to be one of the most exciting alt-pop releases of 2020 so far.

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