NEW MUSIC: BLVFF – Want For Nothing

Coventry five-piece BLVFF release their brand new single “Want For Nothing”, a Brit-rock anthem to light up your weekend.

BLVFF are thinking big with their huge, stadium-filling sound, and “Want For Nothing” is no exception to their track record of anthemic tunes. Though you may consider a band of 18 months as one in its infancy, the list of their successes rolls out across the room like a cartoon scroll – accolade after accolade, BLVFF are here to prove a point.

The band’s influences (early-days Arctic Monkeys and The Amazons, namely) can be heard throughout in high energy live drums and guitars to mirror catchy vocal melodies, and still BLVFF make this sound their own. It’s an earworm – “I don’t want for nothing, nothing, nothing” could very well be a hook rattling around in your head for the rest of the weekend.

Frontman Michael McCann divulges that “The song is based on mind games that often come before love, the misconceptions that follow when chasing a bad love conquest & succumbing at all costs. Being someone’s someone in vain, knowing it will go wrong and that you never wanted any of this”. A heart-on-sleeve approach to their songwriting has seen this Coventry band attract fans globally, and it’s no wonder they’re predicted to be one of the biggest bands of 2020 with this incredible sound they’ve developed. 

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