NEW MUSIC: Yellowlees – Eliza

Alt-folk singer-songwriter Yellowlees releases “Eliza”, a catchy new single for the infatuated amongst us.

Yellowlees is torn between the head and the heart in the upbeat new single “Eliza”, written about an infatuation with somebody who will ultimately never be good for you. This track is both relatable and singalong-friendly with a strong chorus hook that’d be the envy of established pop writers everywhere.

The alt-folk inclination of this single is a wonderful twist on indie-pop, with Yellowlees’ DIY approach at the forefront of his work. A natural songwriter, he builds the song around a captivating vocal and peppy guitar strumming, the simplicity of the instrumentation becoming the main appeal of the track besides its disarmingly charming lyrical content.

Speaking of “Eliza”, Yellowlees explains that “‘Eliza’ tells a familiar story: you have a connection with someone, you’re drawn to them, you’re infatuated with them, possibly even feeling something stronger…and they just aren’t good for you!” 

He taps into a sense of confusion and lostness by harnessing his way with words – the melody is made no less catchy by the multitude of clever expressions within his lyrics. I find myself listening for the fourth time in a row, trying to catch every word and build the songwriters’ story in my own mind. In the second verse, the lyric “the right combination of bright conversation and slight flirtation” is a stunningly satisfying example of this young songwriter’s confident wordsmithery.

Be sure to keep up with Yellowlees’ future releases –  a follow on his social media should do the trick. You don’t want to miss a beat…

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