NEW MUSIC: Mild Wild – Chain-Link Fence

Mild Wild proves authenticity isn’t dead with unapologetically homemade new single “Chain-Link Fence”.

Jesse Mild, better known as Mild Wild, is showing the world how it sounds to be a true DIY artist. “Chain-Link Fence” was created almost entirely with thrifted gear (or better yet, stuff found for free in a dumpster) and does well to prove a point whilst conveying an uncompromisingly stylish sound.

Mild Wild is posing the question of what kind of world we leave behind us – fuelled by consumerism and wastefulness, it may serve as a cautionary tale to warn of a future far from what we’d expected. A sentiment reflected in the simple instrumentation of upcycled recording equipment, “Chain-Link Fence” is no clumsy attempt at hippie athem, rather an elegant embodiment of a well-researched ethos that the writer clearly lives by.

The tape-recorded quality gives a warmth and familiarity to the track, transporting me back to Nick Hakim’s earliest EPs, and the layered vocals swirl in stereo, almost like a head massage. When you listen to “Chain-Link Fence”, you must use headphones – it’s just not the same experience without. Where, then, will you hear the Tascam Portastudio’s wonderful dusty-old-record quality of the rhythm section, or the sound of the room this song was recorded in?

The dark nature of the subject matter is juxtaposed with a laid-back surf-soul type of sound you might hear from a basement in South East London – a truly electric range of styles come together in this single to form something that I’m sure you’ve never heard before. Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.

Find Mild Wild on Instagram, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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