NEW MUSIC: MarionvilleModels – Reminds Me

Edinburgh indie dream-pop duo MarionvilleModels release first single “Reminds Me” from their forthcoming debut album Punta Prima.

The MarionvilleModels duo, made up of songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Jake Barry and producer and multi-instrumentalist Jack Davis, began performing together at the tender age of 13, and with some years of experience under their belts have put their heads together to release their debut album in June of this year.

“Reminds Me” is the first single to be released from this forthcoming album, a dreamy celebration of driving alone on the highway, complete with prominent M83-style bassline, heavily filtered vocals and glistening synths. The band credit 80s New Wave acts such as The Cars for this track, combined with the influence of The War On Drugs it makes for a unique and original sound.

Perfectly harnessing the freedom of a time when we could all drive about for driving’s sake and socialise in each other’s cars (without having to pick up our grandma’s groceries on the way), the lyrics on “Reminds Me” are worth tuning into. From my impression, the song tells the story of homesickness for a place that one could exist without being observed – a sunshine-filled getaway with the wind in your hair.

Their inspiration taken from Tame Impala’s guitars (especially from their earlier works) and The Beatles’ in-studio eclecticism make “Reminds Me” an irresistible single and a must-listen. To keep up with updates on their Punta Prima album release, be sure to give them a follow on the links below.

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  1. Really liking the sound of this track!

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