Isolation Tapes EP.3 – Ft. Lack Lustre Rush, Cloudy June, Neev, Leon Majcen & Theo Sayers

Three whole more weeks of isolation? With music this good, you’ll want it to last longer.


Lack Lustre Rush – Diehard Fan Of Yours

Some song titles are just cool. ‘Diehard Fan of Yours’ is, simply put, a very cool song title. You just want to like it. Don’t stress though: the song is equally cool. Formed around a base of live instrumentation, the opening summer-strolling groove builds to a half time Bowie-inspired crescendo that reaches its euphoric climax with a gorgeously delivered falsetto. It’ll keep you on your toes, and make you want to walk like Liam Gallagher. Just remember to only do it once a day for exercise.

Feels like: A crowd-pleasing encore at a crammed venue – but everyone’s wearing sunglasses and has brought their own tambourine.


Cloudy JuneHigh Waist to Hell

Straight in, instant vibe. Slick production, matched with clever wordplay and a foot-tapping groove. ‘High Waist to Hell‘ ticks all the right boxes. What I love about this tune is that it’s as if each of the individual parts has been arranged by a more traditional straight-up rock band; the pounding bass riff, squealing guitar samples, and open hi-hat sound that lands insistently on each beat of the latter choruses – but the way that these parts have been adeptly transferred to synthesisers and drum machine is what makes this track feel like a breath of fresh air. Perfect pop, with enough edge to make it OK to tell your friends about it.

Feels like: Car radio anthem.


NeevBlack Over Gray

It’s sometimes difficult to pin down exactly what you love about a song, but the effortlessness that Neev performs her latest release ‘Black Over Gray‘ leaves me transfixed every time I hear it. There’s only a select number of artists that sound at their best when completely stripped back, and Neev lands herself in that category by providing such a compelling vocal performance from start to finish. It’s difficult not to feel the meaning in every line she delivers.

Neev recently treated us to a live performance of her latest tune, and I’d highly recommend checking it out below.

Feels like: A warm hot chocolate.

Leon MajcenWhat It Means To Be Free

Who loves a foot-stomper!? I do. Sue me. ‘What It Means To Be Free‘ bursts into life and energy with the aforementioned foot-stomping accompanied by a strummed acoustic guitar and group clapping. Couldn’t that sound a little stale? Nope. You’re wrong. Leon Majcen’s vocal performance and contemplative lyrics make this song feel incredibly fresh and cement the up-beat anthem firmly on the right side of country-pop.

Feels like: A contemporary hoedown.



Theo Sayers My Nose Is A Little Runny

BARE WITH ME! This song is absolutely brilliant. Just check out the accompanying press release:

Released on Friday amid growing Coronavirus concerns, “My Nose Is A Little Runny”, could be Theo Sayers’ most infectious single to date. A zany punk-rap bopper which Sayers describes as a “reminder of the importance of good tissue etiquette”. Deftly current and accompanied by a sensationally informative video, could it be his “outbreak” hit?

How hilarious is that? Music always has a tendency to take itself far too seriously, and if you listen to this and don’t break a smile, you’re too far gone. The song itself is built upon a solid drum groove and repeating synth riff, accompanied by a spoken word vocal line reminiscent of ‘Toast‘ by ‘The Street Band‘.  After hearing this for the first time I wanted to share it with everyone I knew, so that they could enjoy the moment as much as me. Something tells me I won’t be the only one to do so.

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