NEW MUSIC: ‘Hang Out Dry’ by Megan Black

Returning with her third single to date, singer-songwriter Megan Black focuses on addiction in ‘Hang Out Dry’. Showcasing her powerhouse, stunning vocals, the latest release focuses on how addiction can cause of a strain on relationships. Written at a time where Megan’s feeling for a loved one only consisted of despair, the track details the feeling of not being able to ‘fix’ the problem.

Megan explained, “It has become more apparent to me that I’m just as much the addict as they are and have been hurting those around me in the process ‘the pain we’ve both caused, we’ll just let it go’ (a line from the song).

Showcasing vulnerability but with a sense of independence in the mix too, it’s warming to hear a songwriter be so honest with her music. Featuring an indie meets blues rock arrangement, the overall atmosphere of the song pulls at the heart strings but illuminates that the tough times will pass.

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