In Conversation with Harry Strange

After the success of his debut EP, Harry Strange returns with his unquestionably brilliant new single ‘Four In The Morning’. Incorporating vibrant and bold production, the track evidences Strange’s sonic evolution as he ventures further into alt-pop territory. Despite the spirited production one of Strange’s key strengths is still his lyricism, with his latest offering seeing him offer up some of his finest work to date.

We caught up with Harry Strange to hear all about his new single, plans for the future, creative process & more!

What made you know that ‘Four In The Morning’ would be the best track to serve as your first release of the year?

I just think it has this great energy to it and I feel like it’s the perfect song to come back with after the few months that I haven’t been releasing anything. It also helps bridge the gap sonically between the previous EP and the other tracks I’ve got coming up.

Speaking of the track, what was the writing process like for it?

This was actually the first track to be written after the release of my EP and I definitely felt pressure to get something good. There was some part of me that was worried that I may struggle to get back into it but it luckily came quite quickly.

Production-wise it’s also one of your more poppy tracks. When you’re working on a song, how do you know what production is going to work best for the song?

I rarely write a song that’s separate from the production so I don’t really sit down by a piano and just bang out a song without having a clue what the general sound of the track will be. I feel that the production should inspire the lyrics/vocals and vice versa. With Four in the Morning, I knew the sort of sound I wanted, especially with the synth leading chorus and that introduction of a more dance kick so once we got that down everything else came together quite organically.

You sold out your debut London headline show at the Waiting Room, have you got anything planned?

Another London show is definitely on its way. Bigger & better. But I’m super excited to be supporting Emily Burns at her headline show at Dingwalls.

Out of your previously released tracks, do you have a favourite?

I find it really hard to pick a favourite just because I love them all for different reasons but I think I’d have to say Sober, purely because it’s my favourite to play live. I’ve been so used to performing sitting down behind a piano singing by myself that it’s so nice to not play anything but just to have some fun with the audience.

Who would you cite as your biggest musical influences?

I definitely think my influences have changed quite a bit since the last EP but artists such as Mura Masa, Kllo and SG Lewis have been big influences during the past few months.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given as an artist?

I think the best advice I’ve been given is to just be myself. It’s a pretty obvious one but so true. I really believe that being authentic is the most important thing because people can so clearly see when something isn’t real. So with everything I’m doing, I just try to be as honest and authentic as possible.

What are you most excited about for the future?

Well I’m finishing uni this summer which is super exciting/scary as hell but I’m almost more excited by the lack of knowing what’s next. I used to be so scared by the uncertainty of what’s to come but I’m starting to enjoy the lack of knowing where I’ll be in a year. All I know for now is that it involves a lot more music and hopefully less dissertations.

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