NEW MUSIC: Twilight Driving – Break Your Heart

Brighton indie pop four-piece Twilight Driving release new single “Break Your Heart“, a bittersweet ode to a heartbroken friend.

With the release of “Break Your Heart”, it’s clear to see how Twilight Driving have garnered support from the likes of BBC Radio 1. Smart, clean indie-pop is a difficult art to master, but the band make it look easy with their new single featuring huge choruses and hooks throughout.

Written about a close friend going through the hardship of heartbreak, the band explain that their objective was to convey the building of dread and panic that the anxiety from their situation induced – hence the fast paced driving beats behind sympathetically written lyrics.

A breakdown for gang vocals before the final chorus provide some space to breathe, and the uplifting nature of vocals steeped in reverb provide some light at the end of the proverbial tunnel for the subject of the song. “Break Your Heart” is a journey that we take in the safest hands of Twilight Driving at the wheel. This track is relatable, yet not to be mistaken for anything we have heard before.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up in the form of an alternative indie-pop band, these guys have you covered. Make sure you give them a follow on their social media to keep up with their future releases and live shows (when we’re allowed out again!).

Find Twilight Driving on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and on Spotify.

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