NEW MUSIC: Plastic Glass – Let Me Know

Sunderland indie-rockers Plastic Glass release new single “Let Me Know”, channeling the frustrations caused by flaky friends.

Plastic Glass’ upbeat new release “Let Me Know” is yet another catchy single from the Sunderland four-piece. No strangers to fun riffs and energised beats, these guys are on the rise, having supported The Pale White recently in Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and their aforementioned hometown.

“Let Me Know”, lyrically, is described by Ben Richardson (bass) as ‘dealing with the subject of frustration’. More specifically, the difficulties of receiving mixed messages from non-committal mates – we all have them, but not all of us could effectively channel our feelings towards them as eloquently in song as Plastic Glass can!

Having started out as a band practise jam, “Let Me Know” boasts a fun, lightweight energy, with a buoyant bass line to get your feet moving. Despite its clean production, you can almost picture the song in its earliest stages of writing (usually a reliable indicator of authenticity) with the four band members, Lewis, Ben, Dylan and Frazer, sat on their amps with cups of tea going cold, voicenote apps poised and ready to record the next breakthrough chorus.

I could romanticise the writing process and ‘Bob Ross’ the band’s practise setup until the cows come home, but you’re best off listening to “Let Me Know” above and painting that picture for yourself. It’s clear to see how Plastic Glass have achieved their successes so far, and hope the release of this brand new single sees them continue on their way to the top.

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