NEW MUSIC: Joe Oliver – Why

16-year-old multi-instrumentalist Joe Oliver releases second single “Why”, a story of supporting somebody with a mental illness.

Heavy subject matter is smartly juxtaposed by peppy fingerstyle guitar and pseudo-tropical sounds in Joe Oliver’s brand new indie-pop single “Why”. At only 16, Joe has mastered the art of playing guitar, saxophone and piano – a naturally gifted musician, it’s no surprise his melodies are instantly catchy and well-suited to the vibe of the song.

Joe takes inspiration from the likes of Rex Orange County and Lauv’s clever lyricism, exemplified with the words “why am I always making alibis so I can care for you, but not myself?”. This sentiment originates from his youth, when he found it difficult to understand his sister’s mental health diagnosis of depression, and how he desperately wanted to try and make her feel better, sadly to little avail.

At 2:21, “Why” is a song that says only what it needs to, and ducks out swiftly when finished – shorter songs are hugely impactful when done right, and it is yet another feather in the cap for young multi-instrumentalist Joe Oliver. Repetition of the core sentiment “why” is used cleverly throughout to keep our cogs whirring and playful drums keep our feet shuffling, making this track the perfect addition to your Summer playlist!

“Why” is a sweet offering to a much loved family member, and I am convinced that it will help its listeners through their dark times too. A song like this is surely the best gift a sister could receive.

You can find Joe Oliver on Spotify.

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