London-based Finnish songwriter SÄTILÄ releases his first self-produced single “Expired”, a love-gone-wrong song done very right.

SÄTILÄ is no stranger to the blogosphere, with his talent already verified by the likes of some well-known curators from all corners of the internet. He releases “Expired”, a true electronic indie-pop tune, having worked hard to self-produce for the first time in his career – a creative risk that has paid off brilliantly.

Co-written with Aussie songwriter Paul Ooi, “Expired” discusses the confusion surrounding the search for a love that once was, but is no longer there. Teemu Sätilä wears his heart on his sleeve with lyrics such as “I counted the cost of your dare”. It’s clear that he is a master of his craft – and rightly so, having written his first songs at the tender age of seven.

Uplifting synthesisers pulse throughout the song, accompanied by smooth guitar licks and a prominent bass, making for a wonderfully original indie-pop smash – it’s no wonder that SÄTILÄ’s music is regularly playlisted across official Spotify playlists with this new single’s listenability. It’s the perfect track to add to your Summer playlists (whether you get to enjoy yours outside or not!) and great music to focus to, as well.

If you’d like to keep up with SÄTILÄ’s future releases, make sure to follow him across social media. You certainly won’t regret it!

Find SÄTILÄ on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, online and on Spotify.

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