NEW MUSIC: Empty Banks – Where We Go

A lecturer once told me that to succeed a person needs sleep, studies and a social life.  Replace the “studies” for work and you have an average adult.  The professor was fired a couple of years later, but I still think she had a point.  The coronavirus pandemic has shown how significant work and human interaction is to a person.  How do we cope without a social life?  You can probably bear isolation for a while, but it eventually results in a frenzy of nerves.  Empty Banks is unique because he bares his soul entirely as a 21st-century adult.

Nowadays, the digital nomad lifestyle is popular among those who enjoy discovering new cultures and making new friends.  The difference between a nomad and a digital nomad is the latter’s need to share their experiences online.  Not only this, but they also earn a salary using remote work opportunities.  It is important to remember that just because they travel the world does not mean they are insusceptible to self-doubt and a need for familiarity.  In fact, digital nomads may be more vulnerable to insecurity.  Empty Banks’ ‘Where We Go’ is a stripping of the stereotype of a confident digital nomad and investigates the different insecurities focusing particularly on romantic relationships.

‘Where We Go’ is an indie-folk song inspired by Empty Banks’ life experiences.  Inspired by various artists Empty Banks is constantly evolving his sound from a pop/folk sound to heavier indie in his new track ‘Objective Views’.  I want to talk about ‘Where You Go’ – the debut single from this talented singer/songwriter.  It is slower, simple in the harmony between guitar and vocals, and far more lyrically intense.  The track is a retrospective one exposing the agony of falling in love, falling out of love, and life in general.  Instead of moping in the corner, Empty Banks turns the bad experiences into learning curves making him a stronger person.

Flitting from country to country, finding a temporary base in Paris, this US artist is taking everything in to create meaningful music.  ‘Where We Are’ is a powerful and influential track to inspire anyone who listens to it.  If you could do one good thing today, open Spotify and listen to ‘Where We Are’.






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