NEW MUSIC: Elkvilla – Hunting

Hailing from the sunny shores of Australia, Elkvilla is a project of singer/songwriter and producer Adam Dudek.  While he is from Aussie-land, Elkvilla is now based in Germany.  In fact, the track ‘Hunting’ was written and recorded in his Berlin apartment.  A Southern Hemisphere masterpiece created in the colder North.  I’m getting ahead of myself; let’s talk about the track ‘Hunting’.

Planning the release of an EP in mid-winter, Adam is slowly introducing listeners to his music track by track as a build-up.  ‘Hunting’ is the debut track from this exciting EP and is rather exciting on its own.  An indie-folk track with some post-rock influences, ‘Hunting’ is a tranquil single with a powerful concept.  The track shows a simple harmony between an acoustic guitar and vocals; however, the vocals express a sense of pining.

Being so far away friends and family, it is common for people to seek out friendships in their new home.  ‘Hunting’ emphasises this longing in a unique and effortless way.  When listening to the track, it seems calming, but this is merely lulling you into a false sense of security.  The pain and confusion of searching for relationships but failing are evident in ‘Hunting’.  The chorus is particularly moving with a more intense sound and emotion.

In ‘Hunting’ Adam invites us to seek him out from wherever we are.  When it comes to this track, Adam sings it best by telling us to “come hunt [him] down”.  Take a moment and do just that – you won’t regret it!

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