NEW MUSIC: Bethany Ferrie – Stayed

Scottish songwriter Bethany Ferrie releases first single of 2020 – singalong indie-pop banger “Stayed”.

“Stayed” is a song that speaks for the wealth of talent that Bethany Ferrie possesses, in case her various accolades haven’t already. Shortlisted for BBC Radio Scotland Singer/Songwriter Awards and named Richer Unsigned Artist of the Week, it’s clear that Bethany is not just another indie-pop artist.

Inspired by the likes of Lewis Capaldi and Fleetwood Mac, she adds her own edge to “Stayed” in the form of a wise head on young shoulders, exemplified by the stunning lyrical execution of the message behind her song. “Stayed”, although perhaps more commercial than Bethany’s previous release “Say Say Say” (akin to Jade Bird’s heavier material), still holds her signature hooky indie-pop inspired choruses – an ear worm in its truest form!

Bethany explains of the subject matter that “Stayed” was written at a time when she felt lonely and distant – surely something we can all relate to at present – and that it reflects the different people and headspaces she encountered whilst writing the song. Of course, not all songs are written in a singular session, and it seems time has treated this one very well. The extra days spent creating “Stayed” seem to perfectly marinaded the track in sincere understanding of its own sentiment, making for a true must-listen for all indie-pop lovers.

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