NEW MUSIC: Sam and the Sea – The Light

Sam and the Sea, a young project hailing from New Jersey, release brand new single “The Light” to see us through darker times.

Warm daylight is pouring its way through my windows today, and it seems only fitting to kick off the afternoon with this easygoing new release from Sam and the Sea. Although initially struck by the single artwork (which any indie art-lover would love hung on their bedroom wall), upon first listen you will come to discover that the bright colours extend beyond the visual for “The Light”.

A deep, rumbling bass and a bright, twangy guitar sound are beautifully at odds with one another – the setting sun and blue shade of the sonic kind – and the vocals are aptly, gently delivered whilst sounding just a little dusty. If I’d not searched for “The Light” on Spotify, I’d maybe think I was overhearing this from a neighbour’s record player. It’s a go-getter track with a lazy-day feel.

Sam describes this single as a search for inspiration whilst being ‘locked away from happiness’. It’s a sentiment befitting of the times that I’m sure many of us can relate to. Drawing inspiration from the underground punk scene of the 90s and the rave scene of the early 00s, sparks of the influences such as LCD Soundsystem and Elliot Smith can be heard throughout the song.

If you haven’t already, I implore you to follow Sam and the Sea to keep up with their future releases. This is a talent yet to be discovered by many, so jump on this bandwagon while you can still get a seat!

Find Sam and the Sea on Instagram, Facebook, online and on Spotify.


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    Howard Wainer

    Great review, does justice to the music.

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