Isolation Tapes: EP.2 Ft. Sianon, Ruben Dawnson, Nathalie Wendell, Zoe Konez & Gemini Eye.

As another week passes with the world shut firmly inside, another playlist beckons:



You can’t get more current than a debut single by a brand new artist – and ‘current’ is certainly the word that sums up Sianon’s first release. Classy production and clever lyrics combine for an impressive three minutes of pure pop perfection, and it’s difficult to imagine a future that isn’t bright for this artist. There’s no need to overthink it, get this one on your playlist and let it spin on repeat until you forget you even needed a break-up song. What ex, anyway?

Feels like: Radio 1 playlisting.

Sounds like: Maggie Rogers, Aurora, Sigrid.


Ruben DawnsonSAYIMGOOD

This one will get you going for the day. With a punchy bass track and a driving drumbeat that Ruben Dawnson latches on to with a vocal delivery so mouthwateringly rhythmic, it’s tricky not to bob your head and pretend that you’re half as cool as this artist comes across in his latest release ‘SAYIMGOOD‘. Described as an ‘anti-anxiety’ anthem, Dawnson’s introspective lyrics skip effortlessly across a cleverly produced bed of lo-fi beats and fuzzy guitars. Get ready for some positive reinforcement, you’re going to feel good after hearing this one.

Feels like: A confidence-boosting argument with your therapist.

Sounds like: Havelock, Rat Boy.


Nathalie WeddellVisions
Built upon a filtered, watery Rhodes dancing together with a gorgeously simple groove, Nathalie Weddell’s debut ‘Visions’ sets an enticing tone for what’s to come. Smooth and sumptuous, Weddell proves that one of the most engaging features within a well-written song is an infectious melody line, and this one will be sure to get into your brain for days to come.

Feels like:  An underwater silent disco.

Sounds like: Ariana Grande, Zara Larsson.


Zoe Konez – Here

This tune hasn’t left my head since I first heard it. A summer anthem that weaves a beautifully crafted topline melody above a set of glimmering acoustic guitars, Zoe Konez has put sunshine into 2:47 minutes of music. Soundtracking the home-made compilation videos of many a lovestruck couple may feel too shallow a goal for such a confident release, but rest assured that ‘Here‘ will help cement those summertime memories into moments of meaningful nostalgia.

Feels like: That first sip of your favourite ice-cold drink.

Sounds Like: Sufjan Stevens, Imogen Heap


Gemini EyeThe Invisible Hullaballoo (Murdered Arc Remains)

Listening to Gemini Eye’s latest album ‘Murdered Arc Remains’ made me forget what the hell music even is – in the very best possible way. Rules and regulations confine even the most creative artists, Gemini Eye, however, throws all of them out of the window: whilst maintaining a hugely listenable and accessible sound. ‘The Invisible Hullabuloo‘ stood out to me as one of the most elaborate and extraordinary tracks I’ve listened to in the past year – coupling a pounding rhythmic section with an introspective and at times euphoric melody that will hook you in from the outset. Forget everything you know, and listen to this album.

Feels like: An all-day festival at the asylum.

Sounds like: Nothing you’ve ever heard before.

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