NEW MUSIC: PYRO- I’ll Understand

Two-piece alt-rock band PYRO have sent us a care package from Scotland in the form of their brand new single “I’ll Understand”. An anthem for love and loss, this punchy single may just become your self-isolation soundtrack…

It’s hard to believe the duo, Connor and Cameron, are asserting such a well-established sound before they have even reached their twenties. Their music glimmers with a confidence that not many seventeen-year-old artists possess, and they seem to have carved out a niche for themselves already, with Connor on vocals and drums, and Cameron on guitar and backing vocals.

“I’ll Understand” is hot on the topic of mental health – a subject PYRO are evidently passionate about – and the band describe this release as a continuation of the conversation around mental health, finding it important to maintain transparency within their lyrical content. A noble and topical cause that will not be lost on anybody who listens to this song, and wonderfully executed too.

The chorus’ soaring guitars are reminiscent of 2012’s Kings of Leon chart-toppers (an era that may well have passed this young band by) and the hint of a Scottish accent in the vocal delivery is a rather lovely cherry-on-top – I want to mention Biffy Clyro here, but I won’t! I’m sure the poor chaps get that all the time. I could make as many references to other bands as I like, but ultimately PYRO’s sound is an exceedingly well-put-together amalgam of their own tastes with a lot of authenticity thrown in for good measure.

Should PYRO catch your ear, please show your support by dropping them a follow or a like on their social media (listed below). “I’ll Understand” is a must-listen. Check it out!

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