MURMAN give us something a little heavier to enjoy with “Panama”, their new (and loud) indie-rock single.

MURMAN are not your standard indie-rock band. Taking on subject matter from sexual frustration to fetishism (and with previous single “Christian Boys” raising a few eyebrows), this trio are unafraid of expressing their true thoughts and feelings, and they’re not likely to care about your opinion on their lyrics, sound or performance either.

“Panama” is the band’s brand new single, and it waits for no man. We’re immediately thrown into a fast and heavy rhythm section, complemented by grungy guitar tones and distorted vocals all in the first twenty seconds. Drummer Abbi thrashes her way through the chorus (I imagine she had a lot of fun recording this) which makes for a brilliant listening experience – bass and vocals (from David and Laurence) adding all the tension one could possible source into the mix – and the track ends with me feeling desperate to see them play live.

They explain to me that, had the pandemic not reared its ugly head, they would have put on a single release show on 27th March in their native London. However, having made the very sensible and mandatory decision to postpone this, the band have opted to share their “Panama” video across the internet instead.

So, in the spirit of supporting those who must push their music out from the indoors, have a watch of MURMAN’s music video below. It’s fantastically weird, you won’t regret it.


Find MURMAN on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and on Spotify.

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