NEW MUSIC: Jericho Noguera – Your Sweetness

Birmingham-based Jericho Noguera and his ‘new-indie-soul’ band release “Your Sweetness”, the first single from the forthcoming album Siskin Dreams.

Originally based in Bristol, Jericho worked his magic as a solo performer and songwriter before making the decision to move up to the bustling city of Birmingham last year. He has since found himself working alongside trusty bandmates Fabio, Ben and Samuel on their Get It By The Feel EP late last year, and have now blessed us with the perfect self-isolation n’ chill tune.

“Your Sweetness”, the first single from Jericho’s forthcoming album, is sure to focus your mind and quiet those rambling thoughts with smooth keys and swirling soundscapes. The song feels spacious, with room to breathe between a gentle beat and the lush layered vocals. Perfect for daydreaming out of your window on a beautiful day like today.

For all its simplicity, it commands your attention. This is not just four minutes and thirty seconds of background music on a ‘chill vibes’ Spotify playlist. “Your Sweetness” is masterfully written and composed by an artist who knows exactly what he wants to say. Once likened to cult favourites such as Nick Drake and Elliot Smith, Jericho Noguera dances between old and new influences to create a piece of indie-soul artistry that must not be missed.

If “Your Sweetness” caught your ear, make sure to follow Jericho to keep up with his plans for the release of the debut album Siskin Dreams. Check out the links below…

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