NEW MUSIC: Pyramid Park – Never Let Me Down

Pyramid Park celebrates a new life as a full-time indie artist with single “Never Let Me Down”, from forthcoming album Not An Island.

Any song that begins with a Phil Collins-style drum fill has my undivided attention and immediate approval – “Never Let Me Down” is the extrovert that explodes into the room, gets everybody dancing and is the last to leave the party. Pyramid Park finds a way to explore this fizzing energy whilst maintaining a laid-back feel, keeping the track fresh even on it’s fiftieth consecutive repeat.

Pete McAllen, the mastermind behind pseudonym Pyramid Park, takes inspiration from the likes of Two Door Cinema Club, Foals and Jack Garrett (his taste cannot be argued with!), explaining that the inspiration behind “Never Let Me Down” was the desire to dedicate his efforts toward his music on a full-time basis – feeling the fear, and doing it anyway.

The opening lyric “I think I’m drifting between the head and the heart…” rings true for the songwriter’s thought process at the time of writing, as he details the struggles of decision-making that we are all familiar with.


Swelling, sparkling synthesisers push towards a fantastically feel-good chorus, featuring an impressive falsetto repeating the line “you can never let me down”. This is the song that will see us through self-isolation. What possible reason could there be to leave the house when Pyramid Park is on loop on the kitchen speaker?

It would also appear that Pyramid Park will be gifting us with his new album Not An Island on 24th April, so make sure you follow him on the links below to be the first to listen. Don’t sleep on this fantastic music!

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