NEW MUSIC: Greg Poole – Future Focus

Greg Poole releases new single “Future Focus”, an anthem for those overcoming adversity, and overall a fantastic start to your day.

There’s no denying that “Future Focus” is a song for the overworked and underpaid with its message of determination to let go, find new ways, and enjoy yourself whilst on that journey. Driving beats will have your feet tapping under the makeshift work-from-home desk – perhaps it’s the subliminal messaging of the song title, but it’s been on repeat and helping me to focus all the way throughout the morning.

There is a sense of urgency woven between the layers of guitars that reminded me of Woodkid, only without the melodrama. It’s clear that Greg has got it exactly right with “Future Focus”, and I am surprised to see that the 27-year-old songwriter hasn’t yet hit mainstream radio the immaculate songwriting skills he possesses. If you’re looking to catch an artist on the rise, Greg’s certainly your guy.

It’s clear that “Future Focus” is a product of time spent honing those wonderful vocal chords, and the wisdom behind the message is so stark that it must be inspired by Greg’s own experiences in the world, the song carefully designed to invite the listener into his home, to uplift and motivate us.

Should Greg Poole catch your ear, please show your support by dropping him a follow or a like on his social media (listed below). “Future Focus” is a must-listen. Consider yourselves implored!

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