Isolation Tapes. EP.1 – Ft. Geiste, Neev, Raymond Revel, Ella M, Alex Partridge, Bark Mailey & Essa Weira.

It can be tough to fill the day when there’s so much of it. So, take 20 minutes and listen to these breakout tunes:


Geiste – Dither

This one is a jaw-dropper. A transformative journey through a vibrant and glittering world of moody electronic pop. Geiste captures the anthemic edge of a mainstream landscape, hinting at influencers Lorde and Sigrid; but ultimately landing confidently in her own lane of sonic euphoria.

Feels like: Screaming on the edge of a mountain, 

Sounds like: Aurora, Lorde, Sigrid.


Neev Tunnel Vision 

If Neev’s delivery of the line ‘I forgot I was a good person‘ doesn’t hit you with a pang of guilt and leave you with a slightly achy stomach, you’re a stronger person than me. Neev’s vocal performance throughout her third Spotify release is flawless and pulls you into a wonderland of warmth and wonder. When you’re left craving more, come back on the 10th of April for next release ‘Black and Grey‘. It’s really quite something.

Feels like: Fireside heartbreak.

Sounds like: Daughter, Gabrielle Aplin, London Grammar


Alex Partridge – Your Own Mistakes

Subtly rhythmic, brazenly catchy. Australian singer-songwriter Alex Partridge sets a course for an incredibly bright future with ‘Your Own Mistakes‘. A softly strummed acoustic guitar glides effortlessly across a percussive bed that cements this tune as a definite foot tapper. Wind your windows down, and let’s drive to the ocean – you’ll want this one on repeat for a very long time.

Feels like: It’s going to be a good year. 

Sounds like: Ben Howard, Kodaline, James Bay.


Raymond Revel – Sunrise

Although not technically a brand new release, it’s my duty as a music lover to shout songs like this from the rooftops. ‘Instant classic’ springs to mind, alongside ‘summer anthem’ and ‘pop banger’. Silky smooth vocals, reminiscent of Rex Orange County, that come served with a generous helping of feel-good gospel harmonies and a head-bobbing rhythmic base. Raymond Revel crafts an inch-perfect pop song in ‘Sunrise’.

Feels like: Freshly cleaned sheets and Sunday morning lie-ins.

Sounds like: Rex Orange County, upbeat Bruno Major.


Bark Mailey – Shoot Up The Sun

I’m going to go to Mars, and shoot at the stars.’

Rain on the windowpane, red lights at the roundabout. Bark Mailey’sShoot Up The Sun‘ is the moment in the movie where the lighter won’t work. Part anguish, part anger; Mailey’s harsh vocal delivery encapsulates both the moment of breakdown, plus the call to arms. Despite minimal instrumentation, the emotional impact of this Oasis inspired acoustic anthem is seismic – and you’re left unsure whether to smoke that last cigarette or use it to spark the pipe bomb.

Feels like: The soundtrack to the movie playing in your head.

Sounds like: Liam Gallagher, The Verve, 



Ella M. – Take Yourself Home

You can’t look at the artwork to Ella M’s latest single without getting an instant feel for what this artist is about. ‘Take Yourself Home‘ breathes fun, energy, and vivaciousness. Biographically written about the fickleness of the industry and the controlling characters that involved themselves unceremoniously within her career, Ella has done what every up and coming artist aspires to do: write a brilliant, catchy song as a big ‘f*** you’.

Feels like: Pyjama dancing in your living room after finding out your ex wants you back – but you’re like way over that now.

Sounds like: Dua Lipa, Doja Cat.


Essa Weira – Ciniascope

This wonky instrumental electronic piece will keep you on your toes throughout, with producer Essa Weira weaving a vast array of home-recorded samples alongside some beautifully crafted synths that sweep you away into an ever-changing atmosphere of soaring glitchiness.

Feels like: Flashing lights, introversion, Thom Yorke doing the robot.

Sounds like: Flume, Aphex Twin.


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