Boy, girl duo, Berne release visual for latest single – ‘To The Lions’.

Maltese boy, girl duo, Berne have released a breathtaking visual to accompany their latest single – ‘To The Lions’. Shot back in Malta, on a warm winters day last December, the video pictures the pair running through fields, surrounded by nature. This newest offering truly emanates the message of the tune itself which is a powerful animal rights anthem. Featuring the two being able to roam and wander freely. An alternative electro pop tune, with some serious substance, its slow burning softness and underlying sadness transports you to another world, thanks to the space inducing synth work.

Speaking on the making of the video, it is clear how much thought and understanding went into not only the concept, but each individual frame.

“The concept for the video is to try and represent distressed animals in a confined space (displayed by the frame behind us, and the close up shots) with dreams about being free (this is shown by the slightly zoomed out shots). As the video progresses, we keep edging closer and closer to freedom until we finally reach it, which is when the frame behind us doesn’t show anymore and all we see before us are beautiful fields. Videography and Photography: MarieClaire.” – Berne.


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I also had the pleasure of interviewing Berne in Beneath the Surface, you can find this here.

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