Thursday Finds – Featuring: Apidae, Jodie Nicholson, Cael Dadian & Amethysts

Obviously, Friday is the day that a whole stream of music comes flooding onto streaming services. But here at Turtle Tempo, we’ve trawled through an overwhelming array of new releases to find some hidden gems. 


Beautifully building momentum as the track progresses, Apidae manages to deliver a track that’s both atmospherically sprawling and delicately intimate. ‘Before Your Eyes’ serves as the second single from Apidae’s new EP, which was released this February. Speaking of the track, Apidae shared, “Before Your Eyes is the most personal song I’ve ever shared for this project. It’s about finding an ally with whom you can comfortably, honestly and openly discuss mental health, but it’s also about losing them.”


As soon as this song starts it’s hard not to fall head over in heels in love with Nicholson’s awe-inspiringly beautiful voice. Although this track’s lyrics practically ooze nostalgia, the emotions embodied within ‘I Must Be Dreaming’ feel vibrant and compellingly captivating. Nicholson has a busy summer lined up with appearances at the likes of Stockton Calling, Hit The North Festival and Long Division Festival


This alt-pop track sees Dadian masterfully intertwine heartfelt lyricism with delightfully vibrant production. The earnest nature of his lyricism sets him apart in the increasingly crowded alt-pop space. Although Cael Dadian maybe coming increasingly well-known to his inventive viral videos, with ‘Rain’ Dadian proves that he’s a true artist with a distinct vision. 

AMETHYSTS: Pressure Makes Diamonds

This track’s lengthy introduction allows the listener to emerge themselves into the enthralling soundscape that Amethysts have delicately crafted. While this track unquestionably has otherworldly qualities, the hard-hitting lyricism embodied within subtly yet poignantly touches on some of life’s toughest challenges. With that being said, part of the track’s beauty lies in the subjectivity that arises from the duo’s riveting lyricism.

‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’ serves as some of the Amethysts’ finest work yet, with is impressive given their stunning discography. For fans of ‘Pressure Makes Diamonds’, the duo’s track ‘How It Is’ showcases another stunning side to his duo.

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