Interview: Alessandro Ciminata

London-based singer-songwriter Alessandro Ciminata returns with his brand new single ‘Signs’, his second release of the year. Earlier this year, Ciminata unleashed his awe-inspiriringly affecting track ‘Kings’, which saw him pair enthralling production with his absoring vocal performance.

‘Signs’ sees him sonically shift slightly towards a darker sound, but his arresting vocal performance will undoutably prove more than enough to retain his loyal fanbase, and also attract a whole new heap of fans. 

We chatted with Alessandro Ciminata about his new single ‘Signs’, his upcoming debut headline London show, his love of music & more!

You’ve just dropped your brand new single ‘Signs’, what led you to pen the track? 

Last year I’ve lost my grandad, he’s been married to my nan for 60 years. I’ve always wondered what my nan felt, after losing him, when trying to fall asleep on the same bed they’ve shared for years. I had imagined her waiting for a sign from him every night.

‘Last Call’ was the first tune you released back in 2016. How do you think you’ve evolved as an artist since then?

Oh man! It’s been a long, hard, incredible journey! At the time I didn’t know anything about this industry and had no idea on what sound direction to take. Since then, I’ve met so many lovely and less lovely people who have helped me to shape my sound identity. I doubted myself so many times and this, somehow, has helped me finding the confidence I needed. I feel like I am slowly building a house (my career) and everytime I fall down, I put one more brick on it.

Who are the biggest influences on your sound and why?

I grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen in my dad’s car. I’ve also felt in love with John Mayer’s music when I was a teenager. Listening to Jack Garratt made me re-think about my sound. Now, I’m a fan of everything that sounds good!

Kings’ is your most popular track on Spotify. Why do you think it’s resonated with fans in the way it has? Following on from that, what was the initial spark that gave birth to that track?

It’s such an honest track, probably that’s the reason haha I don’t know! We took the idea from a Netflix documentary about celebrities being addicted to social media. We thought ‘isn’t it sad?’ – so we wrote a song about it. I co-wrote ‘Kings’ with two of the most genuine songwriters I ever met, there was such a magical atmosphere in the room.

What does your typical songwriting process look like?

It has changed and it keeps changing with every song I write. With ‘Signs’, for example, I wrote the guitar riff improvising on my guitar and wrote the rest of song on my little piano. I brought it to Jack (Gourlay) for his magical production touches straight after.

‘Heal Your Heart’ is such an incredible song! How did you first land upon that title and overarching theme for the song?

Thank you so much! I co-wrote that song with Jack. The night before our session he broke up with his ex-girlfriend and I argued with mine, everything we did on that day was just a natural consequence.

You’ve got your debut headline show at The Waiting Room on the 22nd of October, what can fans expect from it?

Surprises! Lots of surprises! Some of them will be revealed soon… so guys, get your tickets before they’re gone!

How did you first discover your love of music?

I spent hours when I was at kid, at my grandparents house recording music I was finding on the radio on a cassette. Then I grew up, suffered anxiety and started to play guitar, as music was the only way I had to dream a little and imagine a better version of me.

Finally, what’s next for you?

My debut headline show, and lots of new music! I seriously cannot wait for what’s to come…

Tickets for Alessandro Ciminata’s show at the Waiting Room on Tuesday the 22nd of October are available HERE

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